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In voice lessons, we uncover your unique voice, and learn the building blocks of a solid vocal technique, including breath support, alignment, aural (listening) skills, story-telling, and performance psychology.  With a firm grasp of fundamentals,  the groundwork is set to sing freely in any musical style that speaks to you and your unique voice!


I'm passionate about empowering singers with solid technique in a fun, encouraging atmosphere!  I offer several lesson packages.  Lessons are tailored to each student, with daily assignments.  I offer flexible scheduling at several convenient Manhattan studios.  


Consultations are a great way to see if we are a good match.  

Email below to schedule your free twenty-minute consult.



4 Lessons 


$100/ 50 minute session

We begin with fundamentals of vocal technique, based on individual need, including breath support, posture, optimum phonation, resonance, range, diction, and vocal health.


In-person or online. 



10 Lessons 

2  15-minute zoom sessions

$90/ 50 minute session

In addition to technical milestones, we introduce the power of performance psychology. Prepare for performance.  Navigate milestones with confidence.  Complimentary support sessions for warm-ups, check-ins between lessons. 


In-person or online. 



15 Lessons 

4  15-minute zoom sessions

$80/ 50 minute session


Make lasting transformations in your voice.  In addition to technique and psychology, we dive deep into story telling and presentation.  

Optimum support for warm-ups and check-ins between lessons.

In-person or online. 





“I was assigned to Kendra for voice lessons in college and I'm so glad!  Years later I still call her to work on my voice.  While teaching she listens to my tone and explains the theory and technique in ways that I understand.  I like how she connects psychology into it as well.  She's funny, talented, and welcoming, and it's an honor to be one of her students.”


When I received a last minute audition for a feature film that required me to sing in a classical style and a foreign language, Kendra gave me exactly the information I needed to make the most of the limited time I had. She covered vocal technique, foreign language pronunciation, and helped me memorize the material all in the span of an hour. She was positive and supportive and made me feel like I would be successful even without years of operatic technique behind me, and as a fellow educator I was especially appreciative of her economy of language. All of her notes were clear and concise, with the perfect balance between talking about why we were making certain adjustments and singing so I could put those notes into practice and experience what a difference they made!


Kendra has taught my daughter piano and voice for four years, ages 6 through 10.   We initially enrolled her in an expensive music school in NYC, but my daughter preferred Kendra.  She taught my daughter how to practice and how to read music.  My daughter's confidence has grown so much over the years.  Kendra's passion is contagious, and her voice is unbelievable- You have to hear her sing!  She knows what she's talking about!


Kendra has fifteen years experience, teaching private voice and piano from elementary age to collegiate levels.  She has her Master's and Bachelor's in vocal performance from Eastman School, where she taught secondary courses as part of her teaching fellowship.  She currently maintains a voice studio in Manhattan as well as an active career in singing opera.  Visit Kendra's professional site here.


For any questions, or to schedule your free consultation:

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