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your VOICE

I'm a professional opera singer I'm also passionate about teaching. In voice lessons, I aim to bring out what makes your voice uniquely amazing.  

We focus on breath support, body awareness, projection, registration, and interpretation, so that your voice feels solid from top to bottom.


Technical ideas sound complicated but they should be simple in practice!  I make exploring technique easy and fun so you can learn to trust your body and freely perform.  I teach primarily broadway and classical styles, but fundamentals translate to all styles of singing!

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Real World


I've sung at top programs, opera houses, and with top professionals in the industry, (for more info, click here) and I have 10+ years professional teaching experience, a Master's and Bachelor's from a top conservatory, Eastman School of Music, A Teaching Fellowship at Eastman and University of Rochester, Adjunct Professor of Voice at Concordia College in Bronxville, NY, as well as instructor for PS 191 Riverside School for Makers and Artists/Reaching for the Arts.  I have a head for pedagogy, especially in the tradition of bel canto, and am also a performance psychology enthusiast.  


Besides my resumé, getting to the bottom of what makes each voice unique, and bringing out each student's full potential is one of my greatest joys and privileges.  


"When I received a last minute audition for a feature film that required me to sing in a classical style and a foreign language, Kendra gave me exactly the information I needed to make the most of the limited time I had. She covered vocal technique, foreign language pronunciation, and helped me memorize the material all in the span of an hour. She was positive and supportive and made me feel like I would be successful even without years of operatic technique behind me, and as a fellow educator I was especially appreciative of her economy of language. All of her notes were clear and concise, with the perfect balance between talking about why we were making certain adjustments and singing so I could put those notes into practice and experience what a difference they made!"
-Liz / New York, NY


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