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In voice lessons, we uncover your unique voice, and learn the building blocks of a solid vocal technique, including breath support, alignment, aural (listening) skills, story-telling, and performance psychology.  With a firm grasp of fundamentals,  the groundwork is set to sing freely in any musical style that speaks to you and your unique voice!


My name is Kendra.  I'm a professional opera singer and I'm passionate about empowering singers with solid technique and a safe, encouraging atmosphere!  I offer several lesson packages, in-person and online.  Lesson plans are tailored to each student, with daily warm ups assignments between lessons.  Flexible scheduling and multiple locations in Manhattan.


6 Lessons 


$100/ 50 minute session

We begin with fundamentals of vocal technique, based on individual need, including breath support, posture, optimum phonation, resonance, range, diction, and vocal health.


In-person or online. 



10 Lessons 

2  15-minute zoom sessions

$90/ 50 minute session

In addition to technical milestones, we introduce the power of performance psychology. Prepare for performance.  Navigate milestones with confidence.  Complimentary support sessions for warm-ups, check-ins between lessons. 


In-person or online. 



15 Lessons 

4  15-minute zoom session

$80/ 50 minute session


Make lasting transformations in your voice.  In addition to technique and psychology, we dive deep into story telling and presentation.  

Optimum support for warm-ups and check-ins between lessons.

In-person recommended. 





Ready to learn more?  Schedule your complimentary consultation:

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